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Smart glasses 2018: are they getting popular?

Smart glasses 2018: are they getting popular?

Developers and scientists think how smart glasses will become one of the most popular items of 2018. Do you want to find out why are they so special? Are you thinking to get one for yourself?

How much do you know about nowadays technology? Because you are reading this article, I can guess how you are at least tech’s fan. Are you amazed by AI? Do you enjoy all the benefits a Virtual Private Network can offer you? We need to admit how we are truly lucky to live in these years, where we are able to communicate with the whole world without any boundaries. You can achieve that by using a VPN connection for example. Do you want to be anonymous while surfing the web? No problem, a Virtual Private Network can provide you with such service too!

Okay, we have talked for a bit about the best achievements we can enjoy nowadays. Let’s talk about smart glasses now!

Google glasses have been released five years ago. Since then, the developers have worked hard with a purpose to make Smart Glasses 2018. If you didn’t know, there are many big names which are investing in this project. Countless people around the globe are interested in this new technological achievement.

For example, Deutsche Telekom and Carl Zeiss decided to pair up with an idea to create a smart glasses venture. The name of it is Tooz Technologies, and it will provide its users optical AR technology. Enterprise clients are interested in getting them as much as the consumers. What is their true goal? They want to create such glasses which could be able to be carried on a daily basis. Can you imagine that to be even real?

There was also another recent interesting release which came from Vaunt smart glasses. You can carry these as normal eyeglasses because that is exactly how they look, and besides that, they don’t have a camera which is embedded. Also, they don’t have any buttons and an LCD screen. But, don’t let that trick you! These smart glasses definitely hide something precious inside. They have two built-in modules which can easily project the pictures onto the wavers Iris directly! How can these smart glasses be controlled? By a simple gesture, like nodding your head. It is just a matter of time when these sunglasses will be on the market, and we are completely sure how countless people around the globe are impatiently waiting to get them, and we can totally understand them.

What is your opinion about nowadays technological achievements? Can you imagine to live in the world full of different technological devices which will change the way we look at our lives? How about the way we think about it and the way we see everything around us?

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