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What to expect of the 10th anniversary of iPhone

What to expect of the 10th anniversary of iPhone

As with the launch of every iPhone, there have always been numerous rumors circling around suggesting what the next iPhone could bring. Because this year will mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, the rumors have been extra saucy with what to expect with the release of the upcoming iPhone 8. This is also, especially because Samsung has recently launched the S8, which has been making good paper since its release so now it is Apple’s turn to show what they have under their sleeves.

If you have been keeping yourself up to date with the rumors you would have probably heard that the iPhone 8 will pack a punch. It is expected or rumored that the iPhone will be completely revamped and will include an OLED display, AR capabilities, wireless charging technology and an overhaul with the Touch ID among other features. Thanks to Bloomberg, some of those rumors have been confirmed and now we have a much better idea of what to expect this fall.

Apple will be releasing three different iPhones this fall. The existing lineup will get an update while the one most looked forward to will be the new overhauled iPhone 8. Apple is currently testing out stainless frames, glass bodies, better camera technology, better, bigger and curved displays on different prototypes. How exactly the iPhone 8 will look like is still anyone’s guess.

One certain thing is that one of the biggest changes to the new iPhone will concern the screen and the display. The iPhone 8 will feature an edge to edge screen that covers most of the front of the device with a speculated 5.8” OLED display The focus would be to make the screen as big as possible while maintaining an overall size of the device. This translates to a screen size similar to the one on the iPhone 7+ on a device close to the size of the iPhone 7. To do this the physical home button will be removed and instead be integrated digitally in the screen.

If the iPhones 8 does come with an OLED screen it would be a first for iPhones. OLED screens have many benefits: they are lighter, consumes less power and have a better contrast ratio among other things. OLED screens can also be manufactured to have edges similar to the Samsung S8. The updates to the current lineup will still have the LCD displays from last year.

There has been a lot of discussions as well to what will happen to the Touch ID function. Apparently, it’s  been hard to integrate the function into the screen. Different leaked schematics have suggested that the Touch ID might be placed on the back of the device, again similar to the Samsung S8.

Apple has been running tests using a faster 10-nanometer A11 processor chip.  All the three new models will carry it. Aside from being faster compared to previous processors used, these smaller processors are also more efficient which means they will deliver more power while still using the same amount of battery as previous versions.

The three new iPhones to be released will carry the iOS 11 operating system which is yet to be announced. The iOS 11 will be announced at Apple’s annual conference for developers upcoming June.

Apparently, there has been some supply constraints, especially when it comes with (curved) OLED displays. Ironically, only Samsung has shown that is it has the capabilities to deliver these screens in a big amount which Apple is relying on. This could be problematic as Samsung would be the only company providing Apple with the screens which might have some implications for the release date. We can see the iPhone 8’s release date be pushed back a few months after the usual fall release dates we are used to because of this.

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